Enjoy your Pot!

Hello All, As we celebrate Earth Day…week, month (or in my case everyday!!) I wanted to talk about up-cycling. Up Cycling means reuse (discarded objects or material) in such a way as to create a product of higher quality or value than the original. That is what I try to do with most of my 

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Spring Fling

So, it’s Spring and Earth Week!! Time to open the windows and clean out the cupboards!!! Let’s talk… one’s castaway is another’s treasure!! As an organizer it is my job to organize client’s homes and take away what is not wanted anymore. Leaving you with a fresh new space that lets you breathe and have 

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The Joyful Banner

Ah Spring… Easter, birds are back, and warm weather is coming!!!!! I love this time of year; everyone seems to be joyful! I wanted to introduce my new product the ‘Joyful Banner!!’ Keeping with the joy, my banner or bunting is made with fabric patterns of polka dots and or stripes as they are whimsical, 

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FedEx Small Business Grant Contest

Hello everyone! I have entered the FedEx Small Business Grant Contest so please, click on the link below and vote!! You can vote once every 24 hours so make it part of your daily routine, please…please…please…!! https://ca.smallbusinessgrant.fedex.com/en-ca/home/detail/828bd4d1-9a52-4858-8b0b-d3563c7b982c#/gallery/detail/828bd4d1-9a52-4858-8b0b-d3563c7b982c Click above link to vote!!

My nightly food prep routine

Thought I would talk to you about dinner, food prep and cookbooks….well maybe not cookbooks. That has to be a separate blog. I love them too much to just simply mention them. Tonight’s dinner for the family is Chicken Enchilada Casserole with black beans and butternut squash (page 166 in Yum and Yummer!) Now this 

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