Early Retirement

Gosh, days do just fly by around here. Not sure how that happens…guess this is what retired people feel like. 😂 I am having good days and sad ones too…well it isn’t days more like parts of days. I know this is what everyone feels like…which does bring me comfort that I’m not alone. But it is sometimes so overwhelming. Thought I would take a moment to tell you all some things that I am doing that clearly makes the days fly by! I LOVE that there is a community out there online…. this also is probably why time goes so quickly.

This is what I joined:

Everyday: 1/2-hour demonstrations of how to make your skin as flawless as Nicole‘s from @lunahlife that is at 9:00am both on Insta and FB

-1/2 hour tension band fitness class by Ange Rivard @angerivard starting at 9:30am on Insta. These ladies bring both humour and a ray of sunshine to your morning.

On Wednesdays for 1 hour I dance about in my great room like no one is watching….no one is ever watching as the teens are still fast asleep. This is from Orillia, Ontario @beth_mckean on Insta and FB. She guides you through dance, breathing and meditation…her spirit is bright, and you will laugh with her and yourself. Bonus my dear friend (another) Beth from Orillia does this class too which I find so wonderful that we are hours away but can connect over a dance class.

Then, on goes the news at CBC News at 11:15am. Justin (we are on a first name bases now) speaks to the nation. I ONLY watch about a 1/2hour -hour that’s all my heart and brain can handle. I NEVER watch American news that just makes me angry. I think Canada is doing a bang-up job and I watch where I love and live!!!

After that, I do some work on SSE, walk the dog, make dinner…maybe bake and connect with someone. Yes, I actually use the phone. The other things I do is what everyone else is doing TV, read, create and putz around making myself busy. I’m still busy making new products and ironing my RickWrap because I know…once this is all over YOU will want and need to buy my product online or at ALL the great markets that will be coming your way. Also, hire me as your organizer…so I’m taking this time because I know VERY HAPPILY that soon, I will not have time.

Oh, almost forgot one more timed activity every night …my neighbourhood makes noise with music, pots, whatever. I have a tray and wooden ladle and my Grandmother’s antique school bell!!! My youngest and myself and the dog go out every night and bang and ring to our hearts content…it also feels good to just make noise!!! So, wherever you live I truly hope you are finding a community out there… ONLINE that is…. that is there to make you smile, have a laugh and move your body. Be safe, keep your immune system well, keep moving, keep apart and wash your hands!!!!


Peace Sarah

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