Ask yourself

Where do I begin? Where do I step in? What is my place in all this mess? How can I help?

These are the questions I have been asking myself everyday since May 25 2020. I am ashamed that I did not really ask any of these questions before! I am disappointed at myself that I thought we were okay…sure we all have work to do, life gets hard, but we are in this together helping one another!

I can’t believe how wrong I was! If you know me you would know I’m a planner, very organized, a helper “a go getter” if you will. I am a tree hugger… literally!! I love this planet and try to protect it with all my might. I am a peaceful person most of the time. (I am deeply passionate). I am a lover of people and try and see the good in us all! This is why it makes me so sad that I did not realize the divide that was in my country, my hometown!!!

As a mom of 3 and a family of 5 we celebrated all kinds of different religious holidays and celebrations. We honoured veterans and did our own Remembrance Day in cemeteries.

I honoured all 3 of my children with their own days to celebrate with charity, love, kindness and giving back. My children went to a public school that are members of the Peaceful Schools International. We visited different places of worship in our own town and when we traveled. Paying respect and always learning along the way.

LEARNING ALONG THE WAY! As I believe, learning is power and you will not hate a person because of the colour of their skin or race or religion as you will be able to relate and have something in common with them. This is how I chose to raise my children. Partly because I was raised like this and it was talked about and frowned upon when I was growing up as I did not have the most ideal childhood. But mostly, because I was a brand-new mother of a much-wanted baby and watched in utter disbelief on September 11th, 2001. I vowed I would do better, be better, teach and learn to be better. And I really have tried but now I feel like I should have done more…or my best was not good enough.

Why does this continue to happen?

Why can’t we all get along?

Why can’t we lift people instead of putting down?

Why do the police have to shoot to kill?

Why did Americans vote in Donald Trump as President?

(Even if I get answers on this one, I will never understand it)

Why is there such a discrepancy amongst races?

This question is the biggest and saddest one for me.

I know there are lots of people out there that feel the same way I do, which is why I am so grateful that we will all do our part to change this!!! I hope this helps you ask your own questions, find your own answers, use what I wrote do to the same, and most of all continue to join in the movement. We need everyone or most people to learn, teach and move together so the haters will be the minority and will be drowned!

We owe this to the next generation. Please help, comment, share so we can move together for PEACE. Sarah

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