50 and Counting!

Well I’m back!!!! I so enjoyed my time away. I was in the UK visiting my childhood friend as we celebrate our 50th Birthday years plus 40 years of friendship!!  Then, I took last week off to get back in the swing of things! It’s funny that I spent 7 days away and 2 weeks prepping and one week organizing life when I got back!!!! I also celebrated number 3 child’s birthday, 10 years of living in my house (that is a blog in itself) and my 50th Birthday!!! That’s right…on February 9th, 2020 I turned 50 years old!!! I have been living on the planet for 1/2 century!!! Got to be honest with you I never thought I would see it!!! Not that I thought I was going to die before my 50th birthday…it’s just remarkable that I lived through the ‘parent yourself’ 70’s and 80’s!!! You know when your mom kicked you out of the house and said come home when the streetlights turn on!! 😂 I lived through the 90’s….my teen years… yeah didn’t not think I was going to come out of that one alive!! I was too cool for school, opinionated, strong minded basically an idiot…which carried over to most of my 20s!!! So, I am glad they are done(I did have fun and thank gosh I had my Guardian angel protecting me) Then it was all about babies in my 30’s and that was  just a blur of fertility, crazy things happening to my body, no sleep, worry, triumphs and just pure craziness raising small humans that DID NOT come with any manual!!!! On to the 40’s when life, children, pets, marriage, health, this house, starting my own business was just so complicated that it was more then I could bear some days!!! BUT I MADE IT!!! I’m here in 2020 scars and grit still laughing most at myself and always with a smile and a grateful heart. I have a new lease on life, love, raising big humans to be nontoxic, peaceful, respectful, respected people that are great to be around! My 50th year in 2020 is going to be great!!! My business will grow in ways that I couldn’t dream of. My house will become a home I am proud to share, and my marriage will be what people will want to write about!! So, look out everyone… I am a half century old and embracing every moment of it!!!!


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