Downtime, what is it? Do you get it? I realized after this past weekend that sometimes you really just have to stop, like literally….stop! And make time for yourself or time for you and a best friend, spouse, or just alone. My husband and I planned on Saturday to take our daughter to dance, bring Gia (the guide dog in training) and head downtown for a coffee. Afterwards, we were going to come home and get a handle on some gardening. Well, the coffee happened (which was great) and we did get our daughter to dance but shortly after my husband started cutting the grass the lawn mower broke. I realized that I had a meeting with someone so delayed my gardening. Deflated, my husband came in and helped our son work on his resume as he pursues summer employment. By the time I got home, it was time to start making dinner at which time my husband said ‘Well, I guess I’ll go buy a new mower, and then at least finish cutting the grass.’ By the time he got home, the rain had started. On the morning of Mother’s Day, I took some time to enjoy some nice coffee (catching a theme here) and watched a couple of t.v. shows. There was Modern Family episode showing how even though Claire and Phil have older children (adults practically) that they still can’t get any alone time…in fact, they tried to run away. My point is that whether it’s driving the kids, doing the laundry, cleaning, gardening, or looking after pets that if you don’t make it happen…it won’t. Just like the t.v. show, you might just have to run away to find your space (not literally) it could just be your bedroom, the car or a coffee shop or escaping with a movie, book or glass of wine. Whatever it is, make it happen and you’ll feel better about it. Everything else can wait, you know it will!! By the way, until late this evening our lawn had 3 different levels to it as my husband tried to cut the grass, 3rd time was a charm.


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