This past weekend I had the pleasure of going on a ‘Date Day’ with my husband (which does not happen very often). We started our day off at Purdy Natural’s open house Anniversary party, a store that I have gotten to know and LOVE over the past few years and is steadily becoming the grocery store for my body!!!
At that open house there was Booch another of my loves for myself and my family… we drink this everyday!!! Also

10 Eighteen serving great coffee. All entrepreneurs…all successful….all passionate… all my favorites!

Next on our adventure we headed to Burlington to hear Meghan Telpner and Josh Gitalis speak on optimal heath and food at Goodness Me natural food market and a little lunch there (Oh we need one of these in London). Again two more passionate people sharing what they have learned, doing what they love…passionate people! As we head on our way home talking about how we love being around passionate people who love what they do!!! It really fills the soul of another!

I am a passionate person myself and perhaps this is why I gravitate to these type of people. I am passionate about my business which is growing before my eyes. I am extremely passionate about raising my children and doing the right thing for them and letting them have as many experiences as I can possibly get.
Which leads me to my next blog that will be on Wednesday!!! You will need to stay tuned to find out what the big arrival is!!! If you know my daughters they have probably told you BUT for those who are getting to know me…wait ’til Wednesday!!

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