Slow it down

So here we are back to blogging after taking an extended summer off!! May and June always accelerate time. This year we saw #1 & #3 child graduate, #2 child busy with studies, jobs and her extracurricular dance. We started off the market season with a bang! which is not over yet but slowing down. Slowing down is what I did this weekend….as I am doing a juice cleanse!!! So, I have been suffering from menopause for a few years now (which must be another post, or you will be reading all night) lol.

I am almost symptom-free!!! But I still have extra weight that will not go away…and yes, I am aware of my ice cream consumption this summer!! “Life always looks better after a bowl of ice cream.” I am also aware that I have indulged probably a little too much…BUT I eat extremely healthy, clean and mostly organic. All sorts of different food with no soda, no fast food and if it has an ingredients list there are no more then 10 ingredients in said food! But the weight and how much I ate was a bit of a concern for me plus sometimes coffee gave me a gut ache. I eat a lot of food, more then I need to, sometimes it’s because I’m bored, or I don’t want to see food go to waste or I’m am just really hungry. So, my wonderful Naturopathic doctor suggested a restart!!! Okay I’ll try…I’m up for anything!!!A 3 Day Juice Cleanse!!!

I decided to buy a plan as doing it myself would have cost the same amount, and a lot of work and I don’t have a Cold Press juicer…so I picked “The Mini” from Pulp and Press. It comes with everything you need in the way of juice. I am a fan of this company (local) and their juice so it was suggested I do the mini! Simple right…. No food just juice. That was quite easy as the juices actually filled me up…in fact I couldn’t drink them all every day. (Someone snapped them up… premium juice yes please)

NO Coffee…oh lord I have drank 1-16-ounce cup of coffee everyday for 17 years (the age of #2 as that child slept 45 mins a night) SOOO…

Day 1- Was interesting with the cleanse fog, the caffeine withdrawal, and no energy. I was just trying to go through the motions of the day…I made it till 10pm and then I was done! They do say sleep more on a cleanse!

Day-2 still a headache not as bad, feeling pretty good and a little bit more energy…but not as much as I usually have. Night of day 2 I had a terrible achy body…like I was up in the night achy!!!
Day-3 Still so achy my whole body hurts my legs especially!!! It feels like I have done the hardest Boot Camp workout and my body is yelling at me! But today is the last day…and bloody hell I’m doing it!!! So, armed with all my juices and drinking a ton of water and herbal tea…what have I learned?
What did learn:
-I can now be an occasional coffee drinker
-I eat A-LOT of food especially fruit as I was telling my family to eat fruit everyday so it will not go bad!!
-I snack!!!
-Moving forward proud of myself for kicking my caffeine addiction.
-I will now have an alcohol beverage or a sweet once a week!
-I will portion control what I eat at home and only order “Small Serving” food at restaurants!
The results: Other than my achy body, I lost weight, I am not as bloated and I feel great, sore but great. It’s probably more my mind then anything!
I DID IT!!! I also slowed things down…mainly because I was in such a fog!
What did I do other then pee every 20 mins!!!
-Bean bag Yoga…with my bean bag from SimplySarahE
-Went to bed early
-I sorted photos and scrapbooked
-Well and tried to do all the mom stuff I had to do…I was not on vacation other than to make dinner!!! Okay not making dinner is a vacation! Also did it drug free…cold turkey probably because I’m a hard ass!!! Will I do this again…we will see! 😊. In the end I’m glad I did it and took the time to live slow!!

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