The Launch

Well October starts out for some as a welcome to the next season, trees of colour, falling leaves, cooler temperatures and a time to give thanks. Although I love the hot sticky weather of summer, the long days and the lack of coats and layers I do enjoy the fall bounty and the subtle transition from BBQ’s and cold plates to hot soups and roasting pans. Then, as we reach the end of the month we shift out of Thanksgiving and into fear, fright and ghosts and goblins.

This year I have moved my business and website from one of thanks and gratefulness into feeling slightly fearful but excited at the same time. I have finally seen my vision of one day selling product come to be (which is why I am slightly fearful). Hoping that success comes my way, I have become a 6 year long overnight success. When I look back to April when I committed to being a vendor at the Komoka Community Market I only had ideas and one or maybe 2 contacts. Now, I am ready for e-commerce where I am selling mostly items that I have a created and a couple that I just love. In addition, I have met and made a wonderful connection to so many ‘like minded’ people the past few months…it’s so exciting! So, on this very Hallowed eve when the candy has been had, the pictures have been posted and the candles are out…spend some time to check out my new stuff. I hope you’ll love it as much as I do and remember, don’t keep me a secret!! Cheers.

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