This is me!

Gosh after this weeks YouTube look, I felt like I needed to explain myself. I am sure no one cares…but it got me thinking. Why do I have to explain myself, are people really judging my appearance? Or are they looking at what I’m doing and how it might help them get organized?

We filmed on Sunday which was finish cleaning the house day, weeding my fruit and veg garden day and getting things organized day as I am back to work with a client that needs help packing for a move!

I used to be one of those people (probably because I was young) that could pull off a grubby look…gosh I could pull of any look…now not so much!! 🤣 But I am 50-year-old mother of 3 teenagers and that did a number on my body!! Age nor menopause hasn’t helped it either.

I am real in real life! I can not spend time getting all dolled up especially on a remarkably busy Sunday! It takes a lot of effort and sometimes I just don’t have the time or patience. Sometimes I look great with makeup on…a nice outfit and feel good. Other times I’m a sweaty gardener that has sunblock dripping down my forehead. Still feel great. Or I am in full uniform ready to face anything from moving to organizing to cleaning dirty cupboards. But I feel great. I’m not skinny anymore, I don’t have a young complexion and my hair is greying. But the great thing about age is that all that doesn’t matter.

I try to workout, stick to a schedule, and eat healthy and in moderation. But I do from time to time miss a workout, drink, and eat ice cream and cookies. But I feel great. I have my health, I have scars from cesarean sections…but had healthy beautiful babies. I have had different surgeries that I have had to do…wear and tear. But I am alive and healthy with a positive attitude. I still have a great smile, I am strong, have boundless amounts of energy and I am old enough now to be okay with how I look.



No bra=saggy breasts



Blending in a crowd

Or stand right out!

I am secure with who I am so grubby Simplysarahe on Sunday is what you got! 😂

And that’s just how Sunday went!!! I hope you all find peace with your bodies and how you look.“ For every woman who has a part of their body they don’t like there is a woman out there who wishes that they had that part of the body” We are all beautiful every size shape and colour.



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