Time’s Up

So, my son comes to me the other day and says ‘With all of these allegations against high profile male figures in show business, how will I know what I can and can’t say to women?’ It can be a hard question to answer for a 16 year old boy (young man) but it did lead us into discussion. What I said to him was this…when you are speaking with someone of the opposite sex could it be a conversation you have in the presence of your sisters, parents or grandparents? If you answer no then perhaps your language, actions, or intent should be reconsidered. I have also said something similar to both daughters and son when it comes to choosing clothes or their wardrobe…if you can’t wear this walking down the street with your grandparents (or parents) then it might not be appropriate.

I applaud all of the women that feel they can now speak up and be heard. Time’s Up not just for the actions of those accused but time’s up for the silence (a soundbite heard on an episode of Sunday Morning on CBS). So although in the past few months my son’s favorite morning show host Matt Lauer, an actor from is favorite movie last summer ‘Baby Driver‘ with Kevin Spacey and now Aziz Ansari (Master of None – a hilarious show says my son) have all had allegations brought forward I say to him…trust what you know to be right, listen to what your mom and dad have taught you and simply be respectful of all people, you should know from right and wrong.

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