Instructions on Filling the Munch Bag:

-Ice filled water bottle

-Sandwich use frozen bread or buns (believe me it will   thaw by the time you eat it). Build your sandwich:





-Condiments (you get the point)

Put in container or Wrap with RICKWRAP

Add a frozen homemade cookie or muffin or energy ball (again container or RICKWRAP)

-Large container of VEGETABLES

-Small container of fruit

-A healthy snack

Because you have ice in your water and you are using frozen bread along with a frozen treat ALL will defrost and taste like you just baked it yesterday ❤️

It all stays cool, it’s all fresh and it eliminates the cooler pack or the drive through!

Because you bought the Munch Bag you are helping a sustainable coffee farm in Africa where people work with fair wages and children get to go to school. (In fact, the money earned from the Jute bags goes right to the school). You are also helping 3 Canadians – the guy who owns the coffee farm, a great lady who sews her heart out to support her children and me SIMPLYSARAHE who is trying to make the world better then when she came into it!! This product was made with lots of hard work and LOADS of Canadian LOVE!