Does motherhood, or just life suck 90% of the time?

Well I’m going to say…. YES…for me it’s between 75%-90%! Of course, I’m going to explain. Ever since that brave woman said that statement on Oprah all those years ago…. I felt an instant connection that I was not the only one. We were both mothers of multiple children in the thick of diapers, driving, food, negotiating, losing patience, struggling, worrying, loving and living! Now that I’m older with older children I still think of that statement and use it with my teens! For you see it’s the day to day…. mundane tasks of living. School, work, money, homework, reports, laundry, what to cook, driving people places, dressing, hormones, relationships, practicing, rehearsing things that you do over and over again everyday… get boring, monotonous, hard, frustrating…..suck 90%!!!!!! BUT it’s that 10% or for me 25% that makes you do it over again. Get up in the morning with a smile and say THANK YOU LIFE. Have multiple children, fall and get back up, say yes when you are already busy enough. Try a new recipe, an outfit, a different way to get to the place you need to be. You live your life with love and respect, kindness in your heart and determination that you WILL get that gold medal! For winning the medal, landing the deal at work, the love of your life, beautiful amazing children is the icing on the cake but it’s only 10% of the cake! But everyone if given the chance would be in for a second piece!!!

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