Kick start your day!

Feeling tired lately? Probably the best solution would be to sleep more…easier said than done, right? After 5 weeks into our ‘puppy fostering’ and I’m feeling a little drained theses days. Take everything I was doing before and add one very energetic puppy who although sleeps well, still prefers to get up at 5:00 am. For those who have had babies, remember the words of wisdom ‘you should sleep when the baby sleeps’…works great if you don’t want to get anything else done in your life. So what is one to do when they want to kick start their morning? It’s different for everyone, but here are a few suggestions. One, make your favorite cup of coffee but make it earlier and perhaps use a bigger mug. Are you a yogie, then assume the position…your preferred position that gets the blood flowing (I guess mine should be downward dog) and I would likely have a dog under me or nipping at my fingers and toes. Here’s another good one, try some lemon juice and warm water and you will definitely notice a hop in your step – read the link below for more health benefits of drinking lemon juice. Simply put, if you are feeling less than energetic then try and find something that typically gives you that energy and do it more often. If you do have to wake up super early then it is important to adjust your sleep cycle, up an hour earlier then go to bed an hour earlier the night before. When you awake before the kids, maybe play your favorite game on your phone…my new favorite is ‘Township’ or ‘I Love Hue’. So, find your one or two things and stick with it for a while, the rest should eventually return but how exciting if you get your run or workout completed before you have to start the rest of your busy day – the night just got that much more relaxing. Cheers!

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