Buy for ‘Cause and Effect’

Last time I wrote about buying local and now I would like to suggest that we buy with a cause in mind or perhaps it’s just a ‘buy-product’ of your shopping and consuming. Either way, ‘It’s a good thing’ to quote Martha Stewart. There are countless businesses and organizations that sell cool products and support great causes. For example, 4Ocean sells bracelets which are made from recycled materials found in the ocean or along shores. And, for every bracelet sold one pound of trash will be removed our oceans and shorelines…amazing! Another company that certainly most people have heard of by now is S’well. This company makes really great water bottles that offer long lasting cold or hot beverages for hours on end which are also uniquely designed and crafted. But, what you might not know is that they also support Unicef USA, American Forests, BCRF and (Red). So, the last water bottle I bought was a (Red) one and although they may seem expensive you are paying for both function and charitable giving.

To continue with my plugging of local support, there is an organization in London called ‘little by little’ whose primary focus is to employ parents in Haiti, teaching them complex jewelry making skills and by earning wages these parents are no longer forced to relinquish their children to orphanages. A couple more examples are FEED 5 who provided 5 meals to school children with the purchase of a bracelet or Freshii – a food service provider of good, fresh food at affordable prices. For every food item purchased from their We Feed menu, Freshii will donate a meal to a child in need. So if you’re looking to go out and shop or eat and drink why not spend some time seeking those that offer amazing products but serve the dual purpose of giving back. I encourage you, get on your social media and find these companies, organizations or people who are giving back – living with a positive ’cause and effect’.



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