Celebrate Local

Something that I’ve embraced in the last few years is local…shop local, buy local and celebrate local. Everything from farm fresh vegetables, egg and meat suppliers, fruits, honey etc. In addition, micro-brews, cider houses, kombucha, and wineries in my region. Now, move onto items such as local retailers supplying clothing and other apparel, personal items like soaps, candles, wood products etc. The list goes on (but I won’t). My point here is that there are so many local businesses that have found a passion for what they do and it shows through in the products or services they sell.

In February, I celebrated a birthday (yeah) and it warmed my heart when my family purchased some items from a couple of my favourite shops. A shirt and crew neck top from Life of Leisure in London, both of which have this significance:

‘Water is the most important substance on Earth; and this is why the new Leisure Water T-Shirt is our most important piece. Our Water Collection is meant to act as a reminder of fresh water, its scarcity, and the importance of its preservation. Humans are made up of 60% water. The planet is covered by 70% of it. With the sheer amount of sanitation issues around the world and the near billion of us who don’t have access to safe, clean drinking water, we want this organic cotton t-shirt to remind us to stay mindful. The choices we make can be part of the problem or contribute to finding a solution. Choose sustainably sourced and manufactured clothing and rep the greatest substance on Earth with our new Leisure Water T-Shirt.’ 

Also, I received a t-shirt from Illbury and Goose with sunset print inspired by our local Great Lakes (more water theme) and an amazing Turkish Cotton blanket which is just delightful for wrapping yourself in on a cold day and of course…2 bottles of wine from the Niagara region. On another day I had to go out and buy a thank you gift for a friend and found myself at Purdy Natural buying some unique items…locally made on site or brought in from other like minded businesses.

I really am blessed to have found such a great network of passionate small business owner in and around my home and I’m sure if you look you can find yours too. Use your social media for good, get on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter to follow and get updates. It’s an exciting time to celebrate local and, a bit of a throwback as to how we used to create local commerce.


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