Enjoy your Pot!

Hello All,
As we celebrate Earth Day…week, month (or in my case everyday!!) I wanted to talk about up-cycling. Up Cycling means reuse (discarded objects or material) in such a way as to create a product of higher quality or value than the original. That is what I try to do with most of my products that I sell to all of you. I hate seeing single use products or even much-loved products go into landfills. So, if you are one of the lucky 30 people who will get the take away bag from The Market on Queen you will have your own up cycled product. What is it? Well it’s primary use was a yogourt jar and NOW the use can be so many different things:

-Snack container
-Leftover homemade pesto keeper
-Homemade pudding container
-Use for office things, elastics, paper clips
-Votive candle holder

I have one for pennies…yes, we still need pennies they are good to put in the bottom of a vase of fresh tulips. It is also a fantastic container for my homemade toothpaste!!! To cover it I made a small RickWrap that fits perfectly around the jar. My RickWrap is from up cycled antique linens, dye them with used coffee grounds (many Ashanti) cut them to size and hand iron everyone with a bee’s wax mix! you can just place the RickWrap on the container and use the warmth of your hand to seal it on the jar or you can use the jute string or elastic provided. Hope you enjoy and find your own something that will go inside this little petite jar! Make sure you look at my site and shop and use your secret code!!

You never know, perhaps you will see these jars out in your own world as I have given them to Forest Garden Farmacy to use. They are just so sweet you might just see them at another market or two!!!
If you want to try the yogourts the company is called Maison Riviera and I buy Petit Pot Yogourt – look for them at specialty markets. Enjoy and Peace to the Earth!!

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