Spring Fling

So, it’s Spring and Earth Week!! Time to open the windows and clean out the cupboards!!! Let’s talk… one’s castaway is another’s treasure!! As an organizer it is my job to organize client’s homes and take away what is not wanted anymore. Leaving you with a fresh new space that lets you breathe and have peace!!!
As an environmentalist what to do with all that stuff?!!! Well, here are some ideas that hopefully will help you understand what I do with that ‘stuff’ or give you a few ideas on how to do it yourself.

1. Have a garage sale and donate the money to charity
2. Send it off to a church rummage sale
3. There is always Goodwill or a women’s shelter as most shelters also have transitional places for woman to go to start over
4. What about people who have emigrated and have come to your community with little or nothing?
5. There are also Second hand stores for clothing, furniture and even books
6. There are “little libraries” popping up all around you …Bring a book, Take a book
I started an Instagram account with a few I have discovered on my travels. “Give_one_take_one
Teeny Tiny Libraries” is on Instagram with their locations. Please leave me a comment and picture if you see any in your area. Look for charity book sales or donate to a school in need or even a teacher just starting out.
7. Towels and sheets can go to animal shelters or rescues
8. Shoes and glasses can be donated to charity specifically for these items…. look around I’m sure you can find one in your area
9. Even food can be donated. Have you seen “The Free Pantry” that is like the Little Libraries? You can donate some food and someone in need can just go and get what they need.
Even most ‘out of the cold’ programs are always looking for plastic tubs…yogurt, ice cream, take away containers something with a lid to give their customers extra food to take with them.
10. Lastly, look for people like me. I am always in need of T-shirts and table linens. I will come and pick up and I don’t care what condition your items are in as I dye, wash, cut and up-cycle it all!!
Hope this inspires you to take a second look at what you are flinging out!!! If you are stuck you have me all over social media to ask questions, or you can always hire yours truly and I will do it for you! ❤️

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