Goodbye Gia

Well today Gia the Dog has left us to go to school. She is scheduled to be a seeing eye dog. Which was not what I put out to the universe… but obviously the universe had a different plan. I do take great comfort in remembering meeting a visually challenged woman this past summer who thanked us so very much for our service and said “she could not live the way she lives without a “Lions Club dog” 

We are all so sad to see her go BUT also so happy!!! 

She was never ours to begin with but that did not stop us from falling in love, loving her like any pet owner or animal lover could. The first months were rocky trying to figure out the razor shape teeth, awake at 5 AM constantly asking “where is Gia….who is watching the dog???” Lovable pot belly furry thing that we said yes to. 

With a few accidents ,a chewed up sports magazine and a vintage Rolling Stones poster that was shredded (that was a BIG tense moment or two with the die hard Stones fans that live here) 🙁 

And… one very badly sprained finger that resulted in knuckle damage and off to Birks Jewelry store my engagement ring went to get resized to fit on my new knuckle 🙁 

A 2 year old without diapers came into this house and 6 people looked after her and when she went to bed. We all ran around like crazy people doing everything we couldn’t do when Gia was up! 

Geez… Matt and I are too old for toddlers and the kids were too ‘teenagy’ to do it…..there was a lot of “what the hell have we done”  said by all!!!! 

BUT then Gia grew older and we tamed the beast, we got to know her and she got to know us, our rules and regulations on being a part of Team Aziz. And, well of course we ALL fell in love. 

Gia has become a really great dog, walking outside without a leash, listening to all our commands and doing them. Thanks to the manual that came with her we knew what to do!!!! 

So wish my kids came with manuals!!!! 

We have had such fun…life with Gia. 

Gia went to countless activities and swim meets, 

synchronized swimming watershows, 

out for breakfast/ lunch and dinners

lots of markets 

peoples homes

music festivals 

a few beaches

and to Toronto a few times and loves car rides!!!!!

Gia was a “guest dog” at a few schools and  a retirement home a few times all becoming a spokes-dog for The Lions Club just to name a few, 

Gia also won a photo contest for shopping local in London!!!!

We LOVED taking her to “no dogs allowed” places, and felt very privileged. We were able to take her on Team Aziz adventures… we do have fun!!! We also were very aware that we were representing an organization that has been doing  guide dogs for 33 years.   

So the early months of hell have melted away and we are having such fun with this great dog. Now she has to go away which we are sad about BUT Gia is different then just a house dog…she wants more, she needs more than just waiting around for people to come home! Gia has a purpose and she needs to go and get educated to live to her full potential! 

We also want to sleep in, walk though our house without clumps of hair everywhere even when you have swept 3 times a day!!!! 

We want to go to a movie or away or not have to plan our lives around a dog schedule. (been there done that with babies) 

All 6 of us looked after Gia equally, everyone pitched in worked as a team to raise and love Gia with all our hearts unselfishly. We all got something different from her and we all will miss something different about her……and Gia LOVED us all!!!! 

Will we do this again?….too early to tell! 

Has it been an amazing experience……YES 

A financially ‘free’ taste of what a real dog would cost YES and, it is too much for me do without the support of the Lions club.

Was it time management? Extreme YES and well, we are tired.

It was a perfect way for us to “try out a dog” For all whom  ask…..EVERY TIME…..really EVERY TIME we were with Gia or without  “how can you give her up?” I say to you  “Don’t  you want to help someone live their best life” Team Aziz did this out of love for animals, for charity, for a better dogs’ purpose, to help someone in need that we will never know. We did this unselfishly to love a creature unconditionally knowing it was not ours to always have. 

So as a parent, I guess I don’t need a manual after all because…… 


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