I really should be…

I live in Ontario so when the Government announced in early April that we would be going into YET another lockdown and I would not be able to work YET AGAIN outside of my home I got depressed!!

SOO, what does an organizer do when they are depressed and can’t organize for clients? They Re-organize their own homes (even if they don’t need it!) ha-ha

That is what I did…ripped apart my kitchen, despite the groans from my family. (I’m sure they would rather me at work) Well, a kitchen is like a Pandora box and you can’t organize or reorganize just one drawer or cupboards as it just over flows to the next and so on! A few days later and after I was feeling better, got some content for social media and NOW my kitchen works even better then it did.

What should I have been doing instead of reorganizing my well organized kitchen:

-Making RickWrap

-Organizing my phones on my phone

-Probably figuring out more about the apps that will help me with social media


-Crafts that I had started…I have 4 on the go!

-Sorting through material for my upcycling products

-Probably looking for potential clients

-Cleaning up the picture on this blog…my dining room table…I’m sure you saw my Instagram post on my use of flat surfaces! Ha-ha no one is perfect! Side note: it did get cleaned up on cleaning day!

When I’m down and out with no end in sight I always turn to organizing or reorganizing and it always makes me feel so much better!

My word of advice to all who are reading this blog…first thank you and I think that right now if you are in lockdown because of Covid, you should do whatever makes you happy!! The rest can wait for another day. Till next time Peace, Sarah

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