We cracked in March But it’s all about balance!

If you remember in March my family did a no sugar, unhealthy snacks, alcohol. We also all had to move our bodies everyday for 25 mins every day. Well, this challenge was easy on the page but not so easy to do for 31 long days!!

We started out strong…then a life changing thing happened to one of our family members that rocked us all! That family member is okay, but we all held our breath and prayed to anyone that would listen! So, my husband and I cracked we had a drink one night. Then, Easter candy came out the last weekend of March! Unfortunately, before then I had seen no real change in my body…I was stressed, discouraged and I really missed alcohol and celebrating Easter the way we always have.

I really missed alcohol…not that I drink that much but I do enjoy a cocktail from time to time (I was a bartender in a former life). I love having the perfect bottle of wine with the perfect dinner. Is there anything better? I also really missed baking…. I love baking!!! So now that our family member is recovering, and it’s April we as a family are doing things a little differently!

Cooking from new cookbooks, still eating our weekly vegan meal and vegetarian meal without fail, but we have started fish on Friday’s and cooking from a heart healthy book!
I’m sick of the gyms being open then closed so I’m signing up for a home workout plan plus taking big, long walks and of course the daily with our dog. Yes, I’m going to drink and eat candy and sweet surprise on Friday, but we are all just doing it in balance…moderation!

March was not a right off…it was a nice reminder to enjoy all the good and bad that life throws your way and live more mindfully! It is a practice and I’m a work in progress!!!

Peace Sarah

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