I’ve been busy on Me

September is always a whirl wind for a parent of multiple children. So, I am mindful about taking on lots of jobs in September…no matter how old my family gets everyone needs help…with new routines, a little love, a little coaching and lots of cheering. Throw in a well-organized home, yummy dinners and you just set everyone up for success!!! BUT what about you…yes YOU!! Well if September was about my family October has been about Sarah!!! As the Universe would have it, I have done a few markets, took on 1 organizing client and said goodbye to our foster Guide Dog. So, what on earth have I done for the month?

-Set a workout routine

-Set an evening activity routine

-Made playlists on Spotify including a meditation one!!!

-Put my life in a new planner (there is nothing like a brand-new planner FULL of empty pages) LOVE IT!!!

I have done more personal care …like getting a pedicure…home facials, and hair masks.

Then I have REALLY worked on myself…. signed up for a free Meditation Summit with FMTV (Food Matters TV). Ten days of listening to enlightened people and then a 10-minute meditation. I then listened to Gabrielle Bernstein’s book “Super Attractors” she was one of the people in the summit and she really spoke to me, so I had to give the book a listen!!!

I also made a commitment to meditation 20 mins a day!!! (As suggested to me a while ago by an energy workshop I attended) One of the work leaders said  “Mother Teresa meditated every day for 4 hours a day and look what she got done…so I am sure you can carve out 20 mins” Sarah Aziz does not have 4 hours to do that……BUT I do have 20 mins!!! The meditation has been great, and I really committed to it in October. As I end this blog and the month, I feel more in balance and ready to take on Christmas Tree decorating, more organizing clients, and the holiday rush of all the markets I will be in. Please check out my calendar of events to see where you can buy products, don’t forget they are also in my shop.

November will also be the month that you will get to know my products as I will feature all of them!!! Stay tuned …Peace!

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