Self Love

Don’t you just love January. New year, clean slate, new ideas…. possibilities!!! January is new year…new you…just like September makes you want to buy a new school outfit, get a new hair cut and have freshly sharpened pencils and how summer makes you plan adventures!!! Well for me this year is going to be FULL of adventures…2020 is the year I turn 50!!! That’s right a 1/2 century old on February 9th!!! This January for me has been taking down everyone’s holiday decorations, packing up someone’s house as it gets a redo and finishing up much neglected emails over the holidays… and giving some self love!! Having a break from markets, products and social media was also a good thing. I also signed up for a Manifesting Challenge for 21 days. Plus, I have been waiting…. for a big adventure to start!!!! This Saturday I will be boarding a plane to the UK to see my very best friend. A childhood friend I have had since we were 10 years old!!!! She is truly a gift to me…but with her moving away and having 5 children between us means that we have not had alone time…just Erica and Sarah for 19 years and we just CANNOT WAIT!!!! So, I am really going to be silent for awhile and the SHOP on my website will be closed till Monday February 10th!!! If you want to follow along and see my adventure feel free to follow my personal TikTok and Instagram. See you back on my site and on socials on Feb 10!! Peace

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