Just Enjoy

This weekend, I did my third juice cleanse since going through menopause which left me with a terribly slow digestive track and turning 50, which left me with a nonexistent metabolism. I needed to have a restart on the old body. The cleanses get easier every time I do them. As for this time, I went out grocery shopping and even gardened.

We are all in a better mind set these days (well this week anyway but it is only Monday) 🤣 settling into our new normal.

I leave the teens alone; they know what they need to do and when to do it. Everyone is much happier to live with when they have their own schedule. I think given the chance teens are naturally nocturnal, mine are proving my theory right. As of today, when my last market got cancelled, I am now officially unemployed! I must believe that after we all come out of this there will many people who will need my organizing services and markets will run again in 2021! So, for now I am just enjoying:

Working on my website and social media

The Sun

Puzzle building

A body reboot which now means eating food again which always tastes so, sooo good!

And of course, the other things I have mentioned in my other blogs.

I just wanted to pop on here tonight to say:


-Just enjoy the process and a relaxed lifestyle

-Live in gratitude and appreciation.

-For all the extra shifts at work there is someone unemployed.

-For all the people you live with driving you crazy there is someone home all alone.

-For all the things you had planned there is someone who has lost everything.


So, sleep in, do all those things that you have wished you could do and just enjoy the ride. Peace

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