Moving into Me

How are you spending your days at home if you are one of the lucky or unlucky people on house arrest? (aka self isolation) What are you doing? I am at home unemployed…I have been here before and there is no doubt I’ll be here again. That is the ebb and flow of my business and being self-employed. When people are busy with their lives, they often get disorganized, their home seems cluttered and things start to unravel. That’s when you call me, and I gallop in my white mini van and make sense of your home again! Or you find me at an artisan market you planned on attending and you stop by for some free organizing advice or maybe you want to support me and buy my up-cycled products. However we connect I thank you. You support me so I can help support my family. You also support my friend who helps me with making my sewing dreams come true and in turn it helps her support her family. You also help my mother and myself stay engaged with each other talking about the sewing projects that she helps me with too.

So, I am one of the lucky ones at home cleaning up all my social media and thinking of ways to engage my followers. Gaining more followers and better content. As you can see, I have switched up the pictures of me! That old black and white photo of me, believe it or not, was one of my old modelling photos when I was 18 years old! So I thought it was high time to say goodbye to her and hello to me now. I was hoping to change the old professional picture with a new professional picture but like so many things, that will have to wait.  Just like me coming into your home to organize or seeing me at a market. You know what…good things come to those who wait, and I can’t wait to see you all again soon! Until that time, I will see you on:





Or here on my website.

Peace, Sarah


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