Just let it go

This seems to be now the anthem of my life!!! This is VERY hard to do when you are Type A, wife, mother, entrepreneur, volunteer, extremely organized and self-proclaimed extreme planner!! BUT I AM TRYING!!! Fake it till you make it isn’t that the saying? So, when I booked myself into any market I could all summer long… something had to go…my fruit and vegetable garden. You can not take care of plants when you are not a home.
Next was a semi clean house…semi clean because well I live with teens!!! But having a dog that likes to look out of windows and has fur drop every time she moves…let it goooo!!! Pretty proud of myself for this one stopping the urge to fill the fridge with precut, prebaked, premade everything!!!!! I am milk, veggie and cookies for my children. I know they can do it…but I do it better and with more ease and it’s my kitchen!!! (Type A) While I am away yes I’m out of here…I am going to make MY Mom’s dreams come true by going on a crazy road trip with 3 other women all to embark on my very first P.E.O International Convention in Des Moines Iowa. While I am gone, I am missing Sept 11 with my son, Terry Fox Run with my family and serval other things that I have never missed in their lives!!! So, this is a big one…BUT as I said I’ve never missed it!!! And this mom deserves a “go off and be free moment and you figure it out.” So, as I will be honouring my grandmother and making my mom so happy that I am the third generation of this amazing woman’s organization I will be letting go of Team Aziz. I will leave you with the first two affirmations that I say several times a day “Breathe and let it go you be you and I’ll be me.
Less is more and let it be!”

To find out more about P.E.O find a chapter near you…or ask me about joining…you will not regret it!!!
Shop will be closed, and I will not be posting on my Facebook, but you can follow along on my personal Instagram or Facebook page.

See you all in a week!!! Breathe!!!

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