Keep it simple and give thanks

Every once and a while it’s good to sit back and reflect on your daily routines, your work, family, workouts and even some your pleasures. What seems to be working? Can you change some aspect of your life which will help to ease the daily demands of your time? Can you streamline, become more efficient and perhaps allow you to enjoy more of your pleasures or new ones? I can’t hardly imagine that I have gone through an entire summer, started back at the school year and just wrapping up Thanksgiving Weekend since my last post. However, dealing with broken children (bones), raising the next Guide Dog, planning family trips to New York, cottage, concerts and sleeping with sharks can really make you lose track of time. So my new goal…reach out to you weekly on Sundays…let’s call it Simply Sunday 🙂 I choose this day for myself to get a fresh look at the week ahead, plan the calendar for my family and meet with those that need to know what’s going on. And even though I have already done the shopping, menu plan and food prep I like to pair all of that with the calendar to make sure someone isn’t running off to dance or swimming without a meal. I try hard to set aside time to do this every week and usually find that the Sunday pace slows just a little allowing me to get it done. (Note: I know this is actually Monday but on long weekends a holiday Monday can have the same effect). Several years ago for Mother’s Day I gave all of us a Gratitude Journal…sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn’t but it’s important to be grateful as often as you can. Myself, I have continued with the journal ever since and it always helps me to focus on the things that matter. It helps me to get through the tough time. So what better time to offer what I (and my family) are grateful for on Thanksgiving and I encourage you to also have a gratitude journal. Keep it by your bedside table, on your computer at work, on your phone or anywhere else that you will be reminded to use it.

Sarah – My immediate family, good health, having my own business, enjoying a busy but fun long weekend.

Husband – Time with family and friends, Apple pie and cider, a good night’s sleep

Son age 16 – The Rolling Stones, The New York Yankees

Daughter 1 age 15 – Family, dancing

Daughter 2 age 12 – All my new clothes, family and friends



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