Come what May

So, it used to be that I really enjoyed the month of May. When I first met my husband (31 years ago!!) I soon found out that his birthday was in the middle of May and we would celebrate. Then, some years later when we were planning our wedding we were thinking of possible dates and time of year…he said ‘I don’t want it to be too hot, and I like May’ so  we got married on May 30th. After 2 years of trying to get pregnant, we had our first child and although he was due in April, he had no plans of coming out early so was born on May 02. Now, when you are planning a family you don’t normally think about things like when does Mother’s day land…but guess what, it’s in May! Fast forward now to when our family has grown from 3 to 5, all kids are active in extra curricular activities and guess when most of them wrap up or become hectic….you got it, May! And let’s not forget that often spring starts to bloom in mid to late April but by the time the trees have bloomed, the grass has gone from dormant to crazy growth, and the frost is just a distant memory…it’s time to plant. Usually reserved for the May long weekend, Victoria Day is spent digging, weeding, mulching and planting. I enjoy the results but could really skip the journey to picking my own fruits and vegetables. So, instead of getting too worked up over the lack of free time – I have realized that during May I will just embrace the 2 birthdays, Mother’s Day, the hard labor outside and I will forget about my workouts, my downtime and look forward to summertime…less commitments, no school, longer days and hopefully a drink on the porch.

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