My nightly food prep routine

Thought I would talk to you about dinner, food prep and cookbooks….well maybe not cookbooks. That has to be a separate blog. I love them too much to just simply mention them. Tonight’s dinner for the family is Chicken Enchilada Casserole with black beans and butternut squash (page 166 in Yum and Yummer!)
Now this is not the first time I have used this recipe. If it was, I would have made this dish exactly like Greta told me to in the recipe. That way I can see if it’s a keeper for the family. Many times I’ve looked in my fridge to see what needs to a eaten up. I use a lot of organic products so they have a very short life span once opened, hence why I used all of these different jars of food. There was tomato sauce, salsa and some antipasto. In a bowl goes everything and when sprinkled with some of my pre-made taco spice, I had the sauce. Next, I had leftover chicken from a Cuban chicken dinner we had, stuck it in the freezer for tonight’s dinner. Next in the bowl is chicken, butternut squash and black beans. The squash and beans did not look like enough so I put in another can of bean medley and some puréed carrots and cauliflower because I had them in the freezer. Carrots are the same colour as squash and cauliflower is white so no one will know! That was my chicken mixture. Next I used gluten free corn tortillas. Why not make dinner tonight GF!!!
So put it all together, popped it in the oven and boom! Dinner done….grateful I had:

Chicken cooked and thawed
Butternut squash was cooked yesterday…stuck it in the oven as I was making dinner.
Puréed veggies for extra veggie goodness
Homemade taco spice because I would never buy store bought as it is a lot of dyes and junk.
If you meal plan and prep things along the way then dinners can be quick and easy and healthy homemade goodness!!!!

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