I have time on my hands and my calendar is filling up

Hello all.
So, as you know I sell product or as the young people call it merch!
It’s a labour of love, it’s what I want to use, want to give to the world or funny take out of the world….meaning single use products to stop them going into landfills. These thoughts and ideas have been in my head for about 6 years or more swirling around, keeping me up at night and making me wonder how can I do this and who will buy! You see next to my babies, it is my heart that occupies a 10×10 space at markets, festivals and events. My products have stories….people often think “who cares I have enough joy, you think way too much, I don’t need to up-cycle, I recycle!!!” When Martha Stewart started out people said “I know how to wrap a gift, I don’t need another cookie recipe etc.” but we all did. Well, at least I and 2.3 Million other people did and everyone looked to Martha to guide us, teach us and maybe think “oh, I could do better, I just learned something”! So here we are learning, loving, living!!! Maybe you buy something from me; maybe you just listen, watch or read what I’m doing! I just want you to think, learn and always do your best.
My best is good enough, Peace!

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