Three sheets to the curb

There is an advantage to maintaining good care of your household possessions…it means that they will last. I have always been careful when laundering clothes, making sure like colours stay together, that warm and cold water is used at proper times and that hand washables actually get washed by hand. The downside of this practice is that your items last and sometimes much longer than you would like them around. For example, bed sheets. I don’t think that we have purchased new bed sheets for approx. 15 years, wow! When our lifestyle is very much ‘waste not want not’ we spend our money in other places. A splurge will often mean, new goggles or suits for the swimmers, a new cardigan for the dancer or just simply outfitting 3 children with everything that they need. But, sometimes there is a silver lining. The other day when my husband and I were in IKEA, we were strolling through the bedding section and found not only some nicely coloured sheets that match our bedding but they were also 100% cotton, often hard to find. I’m not sure if the moon and sun were aligned or if the smell of swedish meatballs had an affect, but he said sure, let’s buy these. Holy Moly! Either way, I am now going to bed at night with a smile of my face wrapped in my cozy sheets… simple pleasures!

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