Womanly yes, but my son does it too!

At home I have 2 daughters and with my work I am lucky to be able to help a teenage girl, but who ever thought it would be my 13 year old son who would come to me first and say Mom, I want to start shaving my legs. At first you may think this was strange but what you have to know is that he is a competitive  swimmer and he is always looking for a competitive edge. This means shave off hair, shave off time and every second or tenth of a second matters. I gave him lesson on what to do and cautioned him to be careful around the ankles. Sure enough, he emerges from the bathroom about 45 minutes later bleeding to death (his words) from a nick on one ankle. That’s right, he was still working on the first leg and there was still another leg to go and two arm pits. I suggested waxing but he quickly chickened out of that and I’m thinking my daughter might do the same. I’m sure this is one time when my son curses his Lebanese heritage as the men are not usually lacking in the hairy extremities department. Anyhow, he eventually came out of the bathroom with nice smooth skin and I think it even helped him take off a tenth of a second at his next swim meet. This is one of those funny moments in time that I am glad to have had and thought I would share with all of y

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