Part 3 of 3: Always supporting local

Oh, my goodness…this is what happens when I write a 3-part blog so close to September…a month flies by in a blink of an eye!!! I really hate unfinished work so better late then never!!!

Whenever or wherever we travel I like to find local places to eat. As you know, they are making it from scratch in small batches or just for you. They are supporting their families, community and where they live. There are amazing treasures out there. Who wouldn’t love to eat a famous sandwich that was invented in the same spot you are eating or eat something that has been made the same way for 100 years!!! You can not go wrong with LOCAL ever!!  I think the same way about shopping at small businesses, as I am a small business and SO appreciate any support for my business. Sure, it is fun to buy a few touristy things, but I would rather buy local, talk to the makers, artisans, and creators. They have a story to tell and I guarantee it will make your vacation much more memorable. 🥰

When we go on vacation as we always travel in our van, I can buy things to bring back with me which I also love.  After the vacation is over, I like cooking with the sauce or spices I picked up along the way. Reminiscing about our wonderful trip around the dinner table is so fun.  So, the next time you travel take a few minutes and search up where you are going find the:

Best sandwich

Best ice cream parlour

Oldest deli

Best market

Coolest restaurant to eat at

Handmade shops

Local Artisans

I guarantee you…your trip will be much more meaningful to you and the business where you just spent your money.

A shout out to one of the best chocolate shops I have ever been too! Dutch Boy Chocolate you captured our hearts!

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