Travelling Europe in a Pandemic

Part two of my three-part blog. So, as I said…I saw this TikTok about traveling to different European countries BUT it was in my own province better yet it, was basically in my backyard in Southwestern Ontario! The tour would take 4 1/2 hours driving and we had 5 days off as a family for our vacation. Since we were planning this in the middle of a pandemic, we wanted to make sure we could come home most nights to use a bathroom and sleep in our own beds. My husband and I also decided to do a few redecorating projects since our big trip was cancelled we took that budgeted money for an at home trip and home projects! This is how I get it all!! 🥰

When traveling with children you need a plan and some activities along the way plus snacks, water, and fun candy because you are on vacation! I also made gigantic cookies because well, why not!! Who doesn’t love a massive cookie!

Started off Saturday-Sunday in an area we knew with open air restaurants and a boutique hotel where we could talk to the workers and make sure everything would be safe for our stay.

Off to The Grove Hotel in Kingsville and Birdies Perch for a late lunch. Once at the hotel we looked about Kingsville supported some local businesses and relaxed in the hotel. Sunday we had a late lunch again and headed to Point Pelee to swim and be in nature at this National Park…what’s cool about this is that it is the most southern point of Canada which is only 2 1/2 hours away from us!!

Great start to the vacation relaxed, could socially distance and just enjoy no timetable. Monday was hanging out in the morning then started our European trek. First stop London just like the TikTok (we tried to follow the map and pictures on it) then Dublin and Brussels.

Now most of these are just signs…seriously just signs at across roads. We made it funny for the kids and the candy helped. Brussels has a Carnegie Library so that was cool. Carnegie libraries are a thing…look it up if you are interested! Tuesday was Copenhagen Seville and Vienna. Wednesday was our grand finale in Paris with traveling down the lazy Grand river on our own turbo tubes.

The vacation that didn’t happen, but we still got a road trip with just our family, no timetable, no chores, no responsibilities. A trip they will remember with laughter and love and parents trying their best because when life gives you lemons you make lemonade!


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