Salt of the Earth – It’s now good for you!

Salt of the Earth can be translated in different ways but one is ‘a most worthy person.’ That too could be said about this salt lamp that was recently given to me by my wonderful husband and children. This lamp is made from a salt block that is 270 million years old from a mine in the Ukraine…talk about a shelf life! And, the concentration of sodium chloride is 98% which means the air around the lamp is allergen free and it creates an artificial micro climate similar to conditions found in the underground salt caves. Not only does this add a natural beauty to any room but the health benefits are plenty. To name just a few, salt lamps (therapy) can help with such things as asthma, allergies, snoring, and ear infections just to name a few.Salt Lamp These are not your run of the mill Himalayan salt lamps that seem available almost anywhere. This was purchased in London Ontario from ‘Salt Therapy’. For more information on the healing benefits of salt therapy or these lamps, go to their website and check it out….Please pass the salt!

Note: Top image of ‘salt room’ taken from website of Salt Therapy London. Please visit their website.

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