The Big Freeze

Is your freezer a waste land of leftovers, good intentions, or on-sale food?

Freezers quietly hum along and are often out of site and out of mind!

Did you know that most household freezers have about $300-500 dollars worth of food in them that you most likely purchased?

So, let’s get your freezer working for you!

Example: You need ground meat for lasagna which is on your weekly menu board. You go to the grocery store and see it is on sale, so you buy what you need and a two extra. One is made into lasagna the other 2 go into the freezer BUT not until you put a label on it…I use masking tape and a sharpie.

So maybe the other 2 ground meat are used for meatballs and chili. Write meatballs on the masking tape and put it on the package of meat. Then write on a list Ground meat for:

  • Chili
  • meatballs

This way when you are preparing your menu board for the week you will know what is in your freezer and can pull from that instead of buying more!

You have a freezer full of stuff…now what? Same rules apply as the pantry and the instructions above. Take everything out and on a price of paper or your phone write a list of what you have in your freezer:

  • Turkey
  • Lasagna
  • Ground beef
  • Salmon etc.

Then, when you are preparing your menu board you will “shop” from your freezer as opposed to spending more money at the grocery store and the list just keeps it all handy.

But you say “I want to save all the food for a rainy day “but that rainy day doesn’t come. Have a clean out the freezer month!! Pick a month that you will eat everything in your freezer. It is a fun and crazy way to clean out that freezer and bonus think of all the money you will save not buying so much food.

These tips and tricks work.  Try and see if you can take your freezer from wasteland to valuable player in your food storage!

Have any questions about your freezer storage…ask away!


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