Delegating is your answer

Are you a burnt-out parent?

Do you have 3 full time jobs?

-your paying job


-home tasks… I could go on, but you get it!

Do you feel like you are the only one working your 🍑 off while your family enjoys their lives!

Well, I am here to say DELEGATE!!!

If you have the means, then hire out. Guaranteed there is a person in your area that would be thankful for the work. Especially in 2020! In my business as a home organizer there is no job too small and no clients’ home that is too disorganized! If you hire out, you can be sure you are most likely helping a university student pay for their education or a business like mine to help with the family finances. AND quite often make an entrepreneur’s dreams come true!

If you don’t have the means this does NOT mean you should do it all yourself! So here is how I delegate to get it all done!!

I write a list of all the things that need to be done that day/week/month. Then, I sit as a family and pick or assign jobs. Obviously, a toddler can not vacuum BUT they can put away their toys and wipe down chairs. So, make it age appropriate! Obviously, teenagers will NOT want to do anything so DO NOT ASK them what they want to do instead give them choices. Example “would you like to vacuum or dust”

On days that I am super busy I tell my teens all the things I must do PLUS the big one which is always making dinner. Again, I present it to them like this: ‘I can make dinner while you help me with this…?’

Or ‘I can do all my jobs and we eat cereal for dinner?’ If they choose cereal, you still win because then there is no dinner prep or clean up and you get done what you needed to do!

Because of my small home-based business there is always something to get done and not just the household duties. So, with your family now helping, give them the tasks that you don’t really care how they get done but rather they just get done.

  • Folding towels
  • Washing dishes
  • Putting the dishes away
  • Doing their own laundry

Do not judge or they will not help again!! Just enjoy the fact it is finished, and that you do not have to do it! Remember you are a family team, so you work together as a team until the jobs are finished. It builds character, a good work ethic and bonus it shows your family ALL the things you actually do to keep the home running smoothly!

I hope this blog brings you peace and simplicity and some time to sit with your check list done! Look, you are more organized then you thought you were!

The more you do the more this will get easier to delegate and the more you will be able to live in a peaceful organized environment.

And hey, you always have me on your side to set it all in motion!!

Peace Sarah


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