The Joyful Banner

Ah Spring… Easter, birds are back, and warm weather is coming!!!!! I love this time of year; everyone seems to be joyful! I wanted to introduce my new product the ‘Joyful Banner!!’ Keeping with the joy, my banner or bunting is made with fabric patterns of polka dots and or stripes as they are whimsical, cheery and fun to look at…. joyful!!!! I have also taken the lace work, needle point and hand work that I cannot use for RickWrap and sewn it on the front panels. Always up-cycling, always finding ways to keep beautiful fun looking pieces around for just a while longer. There are nine pendants on each banner and as taken from Mandarin Chinese the number 9 also sounds a lot like the character for ‘long’ as in ‘a long time’ – making it a perfect symbol of longevity. In the science of Numerology the number 9 is the number of love, eternity and faith. In addition, there is always a ‘Simply Put’ on each banner as these words are ones of love and encouragement!!! Peace Sarah

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