The Playlist of My Life

The soundtrack of my life! I have always loved music…listening that is! Can’t sing, dance or play ANYTHING!!! That is probably why I love it and appreciate all the arts.

All my children have learned some sort of instrument through the years and we as a family LOVE all arts!  #1 child has gone into a music program at college, #2 child just stopped her 13-year dance hobby and #3 child studies music in high school. I have NO idea how they became so musical but I’ll take it!!! I am sure the reason is that they all listened to music in utero.  My husband and I love supporting all the arts. WHEN THIS PANDEMIC IS OVER DO NOT FORGET WHAT GOT YOU THROUGH!!!




At home concerts



At home movies…and many other forms of art and entertainment


Through music we are all connected, comforted, feel empowered and have the courage to have a good cry and go on!!


My family has Spotify which is a wonderful tool to create all sorts of playlists! I was able to share it on my Facebook page but if you are interested in what I’m listening to please feel free to get in touch with me.


Music is so powerful RIGHT NOW!! It is such a wonderful daily lift!!!

Everyone is doing some sort of music! Here are a few things I am listening to:


YouTube: Andrea Bocelli Music For Hope: Live from Duomo di Milano


Instagram: arkellsmusic


Facebook: Barenaked Ladies #SelfieCamJam


Spotify: the world is your oyster


Albums: The Pairs newest album ‘Noise’ from these 4 very talented musicians recorded right here in London Ontario. A must check out!! I love “Let Me Fall


Coco Love Alcon “Rebirth” this entire album is the music of my life!!! It is a MUST listen for any women over the age of 50!! (Or any age)


Ain’t No Friend

Beautiful Mess

I Forgive Myself…Just to name a few song’s!


Well I hope from this blog you find something that inspires you, makes you get up in the morning with your toe tapping or at least gets you through another day!!

And that’s the beat of my life!! Peace


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