The power of social media

Hi All. Oh, the power of social media! It shouldn’t but… it can make or break a career. It is dangerous and powerful. It is hard but fun as well!

I obviously use social media to spread the word of business plus giving tips on organizing, gardening, food and how to use my products in hopes to reach people, build followers, have people book me for organizing projects and buy my products.

I also use it to connect with other small businesses, see what is happening in the world and in my own backyard. I use it to find great local shops to eat at, buy from and connect with.

I also use it personally …which leads me to this three-part blog! This week is about watching a TikTok video in May as the pandemic was still terrible and our summer plans were blowing away like sand. I was on TikTok and saw a video of several different named places in Southwest Ontario where I live that share the same name of places in Europe. The tour would only take a day to do but with everything going on we decided to break it up. Then, decided to put it out on my personal platform on social media…and WOW! the response was amazing! I can not believe all the people who are following our lead and either doing the whole tour or picking parts they would find interesting or actually asking for advice and recommendations!! I love it!

This is the good of social media…connecting everyone, supporting each other’s opinions and ideas and best of all supporting small businesses…in small towns in our own backyard! Where do you live? What interesting parts of your backyard can you explore? How do you support your area and the business around it?

Stay tuned to part two on what we did!! See you next week!! Oh, and yes you can find me on:


Facebook, Instagram, TikTok both personal and business

Pinterest, YouTube and Twitter are all business.


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