Time is never on my daughters side!!!

Time Management For Children

Does anyone have one of those children who gets lost looking in the mirror when they’re supposed to be getting ready? Too busy
talking to imaginary friends or playing with stuffed animals and forgetting to get ready for the day? Well if you do, here are a few tips  that can help your child stay on track.

  1. Lay out and plan what clothes will be worn the night before and don’t forget to check the weather reports.
  2. If your child has a school planner, permission forms, homework assignments or checks need to be written and sent to the school try and have these completed before bedtime.
  3. Buy a timer and give your child certain time limits on things like how long to eat breakfast, time in the bathroom and time getting dressed.
  4. Use those electronic devices for good and not as time wasters. You can easily set alarms for different days and different times depending on the schedule. Use the iPads and iPods to set reminders of practice time for music, reading time, exercise time or to just help keep your son or daughter on track throughout the day or evening or weekend.

Note: Depending on how busy you are try and schedule some ‘free’ time for children who typically have a habit of losing track of time. This freedom should help them keep their also endearing quality of sometimes living in a ‘dreamworld’.

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