What is your vision?

I have wanted to do visions boards for a while for myself for sure but also for my children. I think it is so important that they:
about their vision for the immediate future and for long term.

We all love different quotes and they mean different things to us all. I needed the boards to be somewhere that they would see them constantly…not in their bedrooms as they are not there very much. Our house has a “great room” where we all LIVE. It has a fridge and TV and the strongest WIFI in the whole house…which is why they don’t spend very much time in their rooms, I guess.
So for the family day weekend my girls and I went to Walmart to get 5 matching bulletin boards some round head pins (each of us has our own color) are you sensing Type A? and a few magazines. Oh yes, I decided to make my life even simpler and got rid of the white board activity calendar which NO ONE was reading anymore but I was still stressing about completing every month…..breathe!!!!!
This allowed Team Aziz to make a Family trip board which seems much more peaceful if you ask me! The trip board is in our…. (MY laundry/mud room)…It is where you can find me second only to the kitchen! I am the want- to- be traveler so that is where I see the trip board most and where I can visualize  the trips/places as I wait for a wash cycle to be done. My life is so glamorous!!  I came back from shopping with creative juices flowing…..to set up our boards. I am a scrap booker which comes in so very handy with art/school projects and projects like this. It was a great afternoon thinking and being inspired to dream. Now it is your turn and I hope this gives you a little nudge to do your own vision board. I have posted my on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. There is always Pinterest too for great ideas…….No matter what Have Fun!

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