Young Dumb and we broke!

Yikes, it’s official as of today…one house, one grandma, two forty something parents and 3!!! teenagers. How did this happen? (rhetorical question). But seriously, why is it that all children at some point near, on, or slightly after their 13th birthday seem to lose what adults would call their ‘normal senses.’ We just have to look back at our young selves to realize that virtually no one can avoid this natural occurring change. As a parent though, it can catch you by surprise when your son or daughter has spurts of being emotional, dramatic, irrational…you know what I mean. Everyday I see glimpses of the nice, caring, loving and respectful children I raised for the first 12 years of their lives but in a flash, one wrong thing said, one request to help or perhaps event he wrong look and wham…you can have ‘Teenie’ on a rampage.

As I mentioned last week, I began organizing and sorting the children’s books, toys, and other memories with the hopes of downsizing our collectibles and with my husband and I creating a space for the teenagers. I wonder if it’s more for them or me and even when I look at the favourite books and toys I start to realize that it’s probably more for me. However, I know that one day they will come back and look through their totes filled with memories and thank us…even though they can’t see the significance now. I also know there will be times when I need to look back and remember how nice it was to be living with young children and not the teens.

I have taken the title of this blog from popular song out now by the artist Khalid titled ‘Young Dumb & Broke’ but in this case, the teens are young and dumb and the parents are broke. Because for all that you try and provide…clothes, activities, vacations, food etc., they seem to want more! Now don’t get me wrong…I am very blessed that I do not have major concerns with any of my children but am only stating the obvious frustrations that come along with raising a family.

The picture at the top is from the classic t.v. show ‘Wait ’til your father gets home’ but in the case of our family it should be me in the chair with 2 drinks and my husband is more likely to look like the dog…covering his hears as I attempt to talk and reason with the kids. Check out the video for Young Dumb & Broke, it cracks me up. And of course, Wait ’til your father gets home theme song.



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