A Mother’s Song -the struggle is real always

The struggle is still real… I guess it probably will never go away as I will never stop being a mother! On the weekend starting Friday I had full intentions on posting the whole weekend!

Then the dog and the kids and my responsibilities of a homeowner, a pet owner, and a mother all took over. And I found myself on Sunday night at 11:30pm saying “what the hell just happened”

I may not nurse a baby or hold a toddler and I have not sung a song for years!!!

Now I talk a teen through the ever changing and challenging high school year that Covid is throwing at us!

I listen to my son with his latest musical project and help him with the bones of life so he can be creative and excel in his growing career and accomplishments.

I make time for my child who no longer lives with us for the moment…check in go for long walks and talks…well I listen and she talks my ear off about all the wonderful things she is discovering about herself and her program!

These are the gifts I have made and still need me not physically anymore but emotionally and mentally.

I give my life to it all so my Instagram account is absent sometimes, my website needs updating which will come and things are not always organized in an organizers home!!

But I have created 3 children who are finding themselves, who are really, really, nice humans trying their best everyday to live their best life.

So, I’m doing my job…ALL of them not perfect, not on time BUT to the best of my ability and I refer to this poem often with a smile on my face.

Use this poem as the author wrote it to share:

A mother’s song

Today I left some dishes dirty,

The bed was made about 3:30.

The diapers soaked a little longer,

the odour grew a great deal stronger.

The crumbs I spilled the day before

Are staring at me from the floor.

The fingerprints upon the wall

Will likely be there till next fall.

The dirty streaks on window-panes

Will still be there until it rains.

“You lazy, messy thing,” you say,

“And just what did you do today?”

I held a toddler while she wept,

I nursed a baby till he slept,

I play a game of hide-and-seek

And squeezed a toy so it would squeak.

I pulled a wagon, sang a song,

Taught a child right from wrong.

What did I do this whole day through?

Not much, I guess its really true.

Unless you think that what I’ve done

Might be important to Someone

Who loves me still and shares my cares.

If that is true, I’ve done my share.

– Jeannette Whilsmith

If you do not think you are doing all you should know you are doing your share!

Happy Monday Friends

Peace Sarah

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