Finding a way to do more then recycle! Easy Questions to ask yourself.

For the past few weeks, I have talked a lot about upcycling, and recycling on my Instagram account (simplysarahe). The environment needs our help and I know talking about the 3 R’s is just a drop in the bucket, but I feel like it is something that everyone on this planet can do right now!!

Easy 3 ‘R’ TIPS or 4 questions to ask yourself

1.Whenever you buy anything THINK can I reuse it?
2. Can it get recycled?
3.Where did it come from?
4. How much is that person that grew it, produced it, or created it getting! This is a hard one with all the cheap stuff out there…but if you are a working person in this world then you can relate. These questions will save you money and time and will help the environment. TRUST ME!

Reuse: Think outside the box on this one…can you donate to someone like me who upcycles material? Could it be donated to a school, charity, or church? Could you give it away on one of those buy nothing Facebook pages that are all the rage right now? Remember one mans junk is another mans treasure!

Reduce: The 4 questions I started this blog with should help you with this!
Could you use a composter?
Can you walk or bike instead of drive?
Could you have leftover night or make a big soup with everything in it…to reduce your food waste? Make a shopping list or plan your shopping. When you plan or make a list you are shopping with purpose and that will reduce what you buy.
The best way to reuse is BE MINDFUL…think about before you eat, where you shop or what you do?

Recycle: Obviously sticking something in the blue box is easy…we all now how to do that now. I am talking about really recycling!!! Buying items that say “I can be recycled” Buying items in glass jars is always the better option in the recycle circle…and if it is food…it is a much healthier option as well!!!
Buying anything that was once something is ALWAYS the best IDEA.
There are so many options out there these days it’s easy to find everything from toilet paper to clothing that once was something and now it’s something else. This in fact is what you should be doing if you recycle!
Please do not toss something in your recycling box then turn around and buy something made out of a virgin material when there is a recycled one provided!!!
If you are doing that STOP RECYCLING!!!!
This is the worlds problem…we created it and now we have to fix it!!!
I hope these simple questions you have just read will help you make better choices in this world! We need you to do your part and together there is a tomorrow.


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