Aprons of my life

I started this blog thinking this would be called “Aprons of my life” but I have had so many. I started with a homemade apron from my Mom at age 3….yes, I had an apron at 3 as I used to make mud pies and great drinks!! So, from 3 years I would receive aprons as gifts or even souvenirs from people traveling or even a few holiday ones…half apron with a holly shaped pocket! 😂 I have another one that my mothers dear friend made me that I don’t wear very often as she passed away before I received it from her daughter. But the apron that is in all the photos on my social accounts is the one I want to tell you about today.
Just call me Martha…that was bought by my older brother…I am a HUGE Martha Stewart fan and have read, used and been taught by Martha for years!! And have emulated her…well with my budget and staff…meaning my family!!
This was my main apron for years and now it is my RickWrap making apron with all the fabric bits and bees wax on it!!!
Next my Green and Gold Polka Dot apron that I discovered while looking to sell aprons to all of you! ❤️ (go back to SHOP and you will see my apron and menu board…nice pairing!!!!) You can’t go wrong with the colours green and gold and polka dots make me smile so why not wear something you will smile at everyday!!!
My FeedFive this one I wear to work when I am preparing food or showing clients how to make mealtime simpler. When I was putting my logo on everything I was looking around for an apron. My logo on a work apron made sense…BUT then I stumbled across this one and it made much more sense!! Every time I purchase this apron (I have gone through a few of them) I support 5 people who normally would not have anything to eat!!! (https://feedfive.ca/) Feeling so grateful for what I have it only seemed fitting to do this!! And it’s a great apron…2 big pockets and a little one for a pen!! On to my linen apron that I wore all summer and fall at the markets and festivals where I was a vendor!!! Now, I might just wear it as a cool accessory in my wardrobe!!! 2 big pockets cover my front and looks oh so chic…. well I think it does…. in my little world of one!!!
Finally, I have The Seville Apron 100% linen Sustainably made by artisan’s in Europe brought here by European immigrants now Canadians! Beautifully crafted and you will see yours truly wearing it this market season as I have them paired with a matching linen tea towel for sale. They will be available at all the markets, festivals, and events that I have on my calendar starting this Saturday March 30. So, look at The Event page and come see me or shop in your jammies online…either way you can get your hands on an apron and start your own story!!!! Peace

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