March Break

My family and I are home for March Break! The last March break that my children will have together…which I didn’t really think about until I was writing this! I am looking at everyone’s social media on all their wonderful trips they are on, I’m not envious except maybe for my cousin in Hawaii!!! But I am always envious of anyone in Hawaii!!! This week child #1 is looking into scholarships and writing music. #2 is doing her National Lifeguarding which is long and difficult but such life lessons in 1 week makes me proud!! #3 is just hanging as she is 14, finishing elementary school and should just hang out with not a care!! 

Matt and I are working March Break, fun was over a long time ago for us!! BUT it did get me thinking. I could have a break…change my routine, do things a little different so it feels like a break in my oh so very busy life! 

What have I changed:

Sleep –  I am getting more then 7 hours of sleep which is impressive for me! 

Not working out every day of the week, giving my body a rest. 

Watching TV in the evening more then my scheduled 3 days I allow myself normally. Today I watched Cityline in the morning which I never do!! 

We started the week out with a bakery made cheesecake delivered to our home which has never been done!!! So that was sweet! 

I am seeing a girlfriend for tea on Friday and that never happens either! 

So, I am not going to be tanned or have a cool adventure under my belt. I am going to finish this week feeling rested and ready to face the busy spring ahead of us!!! 

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