De-cluttering is a state of mind

De-cluttering is a State of Mind!

Thought this would be a good start with the title of my blog.

Every professional organizer talks about De-cluttering and the importance of it.

Why is it so important?

It’s a way to practice self-care, it helps you take control of your home and belongings. You will have peace of mind knowing where everything is and that everything has a place. It saves you time, energy, money and best of all improves clarity, happiness and overall well-being.

It’s hard to do

I don’t know where to start

I bought everything and now I feel like it’s such a waste of money

I love all my things and I don’t want to get rid of them

I don’t have the time. patience or energy to do this

Have any of these statements run through your head?

Well, you are not alone. Everyone at one time or another everyone feels this way! YES, even Professional Organizers!

We all get busy…life moves pretty quick and it is easy to put your blinders on and walk away. At some point you do have to deal with all that stuff!!

That’s where I come in.

I come to your home have a quick tour and then get started on the room that you want to be the most involved in. Maybe it’s your closet, bathroom, or kitchen?

I take everything and I mean EVERYTHING out…it’s amazing what you find in corners, on top of shelves or hangers in addition to what you actually forgot was in that space. (You cleaning out and me cleaning out and TWO completely different things)

Then I do a light clean and we get to work!!!

You say:



Needs fixing (btw I take it home fix and bring back the next day)


Garage – item goes out in a bag right then.

Donate – goes home with me where after I’m finished with your home. My job doesn’t end as I sift and sort through it all to be donated to different organizations.

And KEEP –  goes back to the area in an orderly, organized, clean and tidy way that makes sense in your brain… it’s all about science.

You read from left to right…. your belongings should make as much sense as reading! I can help with that! Then I tackle one room, area at a time…and make sure it looks spectacular before I leave. Quite often clients go off to work and I just work away in the space, sifting and sorting never throwing anything out until you have a look. That’s where you help as I often give you homework to look at:





It’s is truly so much fun when you leave for work with a messy, unorganized area and come home hours later to a space that is lightly cleaned, functional and extremely well organized. I’ve had so many people burst out in tears, give me huge hugs or want me to marry them…seriously I get proposed to a lot.  😂

My joy is seeing a heavy hearted, flustered, bitter person become light, smiley and at peace with their home and belongings. It is one of life’s best moments!!! I feel so lucky and blessed that I can create peaceful surroundings no matter where I go!

So who needs my help???







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