The Investment is small but packs a Love punch!

It is January and it’s cold and snowy (where I live), we are also in lockdown and the global pandemic isn’t going to magical disappear! So, what to do?

Invest in yourself:

-sleep more

-write more

-try a new tropical fruit

-make or redo your vision board

-spend time with your family

-enjoy the little things in life because they are the ones that add up to a Big Full Life!!

My heritage is Scottish and English. Both Grandfathers – 1 from England and 1 from Scotland came to Canada and met Canadian girls and so on. My maternal grandfather’s heritage had a big impact on me as it was my mom who insisted we celebrate Robbie Burns Day…the famous Scottish poet! Look him up!

Naturally when I had children, I wanted to celebrate not only my heritage but everyone else’s and their cultures… I was going to raise my children with a United Nation spectrum. This January my son mentioned that he forgot what haggis tasted like???? So of course, you are never too old to get a shot of culture and heritage into you! How do you do that with a 19- and 15-year-old? Celebrate with food at dinner time! I went to my local Scottish shoppe bought potato chips,

chocolate both imported from Scotland. Scottish meet pies and Haggis! I also spent 2 1/2 hours cooking Haggis, potatoes, leeks, meat pies (just in case the Haggis flopped) and made dessert too.

We all gathered around with a Scottish blessing and a poem and ate and drank and enjoyed each others company. We honoured my Grandfather, his birthplace and country I have roots there as well as my husband and best part is my son said thank you very much for putting in the time and effort into rekindling his heritage that perhaps was once a lost memory! So, in this cold January month you do not have to do big things to make an impact because it’s the small ones that always get noticed!



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