Feeling Foggy?

When did our pipes become such an issue? Don’t you remember your grandma pouring the bacon grease into an old soup can or an old discarded coffee mug? Well the good news is that municipalities are now taking action and providing for free, biodegradable containers to properly get rid of FOG (Fats, Oils, and Grease). So, if you are currently pouring your hot grease down the drain, jamming food bits down the pipe or basically putting anything other than kitchen waste water down the drain….STOP! It clogs our pipes, restricts the normal flow of waste water and can also cost you money for issues with septic tanks and basement backups. But it doesn’t stop there, your toilet is another place where there should be only 3 items flushed….A number 1, a number 2 and toilet paper. Your toilet is not just another convenient trash can. It’s design and purpose is to flush away waste (the kind that comes out of our pipes). For more info in my local area, check out these links.



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