International Women’s Day

If any of you know me or follow me at all, you will know that several years ago I decided to have one ‘special’ day with each of my children, designated to honour them and someone or something else. For my youngest daughter we chose International Women’s Day and every year she will do something nice for a woman (women) in her life while also showing how special she is to me and the world. But first I will spend my morning attending an International Women’s Day Symposium and Luncheon hosted by the Business Help Centre of Middlesex County.

It was a wonderful group of powerful women….. 200 women coming together is a powerful force!!! It was a beautiful event listening to guest speakers, networking,having lunch and giving back to a Women’s Rural Resource Centre.

Next with my girls I went on to my local YMCA where my inspiring friend (an instructor there) and I lead a yoga class had a guest speaker talk about mindfulness and had refreshments. Everyone brought a donation to support YMCA StrongKids and ‘Because I am a Girl’ two great charities. Strong kids gives to all children and stays in the area that the money is raised and ‘Because I am a Girl’ gives to girls in far off places.

 The other day I blogged about F.O.G containers (Fat, Oil and Grease) well today…I’m using the same containers but the word F.O.G will mean ‘For Our Girls’. and it was filled with things from Because I am a Girl, some Y things and a coupon to a retreat and lip balm from a fabulous natural local shop I shop at. Give a little get a little or in my case give a lot and get more than I could have dreamed of back!!!!

The day was so full of blessings,girl power,giving back,and beautiful smiles from my 2 little women and especially my Lily. For her to say “Thank you so much Mom for honouring me”……….well I am sure you know who feels  honoured!!!!


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